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All classes are held at:

Unit 35 

Viewforthbank Industrial Estate

(beside Lloyds Chemists)

The Loan 

South Queensferry


TKD class times are as follows:-


FRIDAY 4-5pm


KIDS TKD (6-8 yrs) Beginners (White to Yellow Belt)

TUESDAY & THURSDAY 4.45-5.45pm


KIDS TKD (6-8 yrs) Advanced (Green tags and above)

MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 4.45-5.45pm


YOUTHS TKD (9-13yrs) Beginners (White to Blue Tags)



YOUTHS TKD (9-13yrs) Advanced (Blue belt and above)


ADULTS TKD Beginners White to Red tags)

TUESDAY & THURSDAY 7pm-8.30pm.

ADULTS TKD Advanced (Red belt and above)

MONDAY & WEDNESDAY 7pm-8.30pm.



FRIDAY 5.30pm-6.30pm


ADULTS Sparring + Pad work

FRIDAY 6.30-7.30pm


Call or email now to reserve your place as class numbers are limited.

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Class Break Down
Little Dragons: 4-6 years

In this class we teach the basic structure of Taekwon-do, have great fun and are BIG on discipline. Focusing on Balance, interaction with other children, team work, discipline, fitness, balance and control. In this class each child will work for merit badges every 6 weeks. It will be small test to try to encourage each child to work hard, and if they do they will be presented with their badge.

The aim is by the time each child has covered all 14 badges that they will be ready to join the main stream KIDS TKD and work towards full belts leading to black belt.

Kids TKD: 6-9 years

In this class every student will learn the full art of Taekwon-do. Covering all aspects from patterns to pad work and sparring to special technique and board breaking.


All students will be working for merit badges, which are different for every grade. Each badge helping to get them ready to grade to the next level in TKD.


Youths TKD: 9-13 years

Again following the main structure of TKD, at a higher level and introducing self defence and more advanced board breaking.


This age will be treated more like young adults and help them to gain pride and confidence in themselves and treating others the way they wish to be treated themselves.


Merit badges will be worked for every 6 weeks.Also preperation to move to the senior class.

Senior TKD

All levels and abilities are welcome.


We have all grades from beginners to ITF Scotland team members and 3rd degree black belts to white belts training every week. Each grade is taught to the highest level whatever the students requirements are. Whether it be for grading purposes and competition or for training purposes only. We will meet your needs.


All aspects of TKD are covered weekly with a special Sparring night every Friday which concentrates on pad drills and sparring work. Not for the faint hearted. All grades welcome.


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