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  • All students must bow before entering and leaving the training hall area.

  • Always bow before speaking to your Instructor/senior grades.

  • At all times address your Instructor as SIR or MISS. Never use first names.

  • Prior to class starting, all students must bow to black belts who enter the hall.

  • This also applies to lower ranking black belts when senior degrees enter. Correct protocol and courtesy must be observed at all times.

  • Raise your hand and request permission before speaking out in class.

  • NO idle chatter while training is in progress.

  • When lining up in class, the highest ranking is positioned at the right hand side of the front row. Students in the succeeding rows should line up directly behind the student in the front row, with the seniority from the right hand side.

  • If you arrive late for class, you must first attract the attention of the Instructor by raising your hand, approach the Instructor, bow and give your reasons.

  • Uniforms MUST be CLEANED and PRESSED before every training session.

  • Each student is responsible for their own hygiene i.e. short toe nails, adequate deodorant etc.

  • Students must turn away from their Instructor or opponent when adjusting their Uniform(Dobok) or belt.

  • No jewellery should be worn in class.

  • Belts should be tied to hang evenly, as one side represents the Mind and the other the Body.

  • Permission from the students Instructor is required before a student can train at another U.K.T.F School or martial arts function.

  • High ranking visitors to the class should be greeted with the appropriate respect; if the class is underway, all members must stop and bow.

  • NO food or chewing gum in the training hall.

  • Students, Parents or Guests should not converse with any person involved in a class session without Permission from the Instructor.


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