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The governance of Taekwon-do

Gradings in TaeKwon-Do are carried out so that the students can distinguish senior from junior grade, black belt from Instructor. Gradings are reward for hard work, both mentally and physically, that the student has demonstrated over the weeks and months. TaeKwon-Do is a martial art for all ages and sexes and therefore it would be unfair to adopt one grading standard for all therefore our grading system is split into three categories, Junior, Standard and Executive.


United Kingdom TaeKwon-do Federation (UKTF)

The UKTF is one of the largest and fastest growing TaeKwon-do organizations in the UK. This constant rise in numbers has been built on reputation alone. The UKTF are in constant communications with the rest of the world, keeping up to date in all technical and sporting affairs. It is because of this that they demonstrate the highest standard of TaeKwon-Do in the UK today.


All of the UKTF senior instructors were taught and examined by General Choi (1918-2002) himself to ensure that the standard is kept high. This experience is passed to the student through the many classes that are available to UKTF students. The UKTF encourage instructors and students to travel to gain knowledge and experience for the benefit of the UKTF. For those who cannot afford to travel, the UKTF provide seminars by prominent international instructors from other countries.


International Tae Kwon-do Federation (ITF)

On 22nd March 1966, General Choi's ambitions were fulfilled when the ITF was founded with nine countries: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Korea.


Since that eventful day, Tae Kwon-do has spread to 110 countries with around 40 million students. Today, the ITF is so large that the organisation has to be split into continental federations with the All Europe Tae Kwon-do Federation (AETF) representing the European continent. Although extremely large, every International Instructor receive quarterly newsletters keeping them informed of ITF events and technical items world wide.


Regular events

There are tournaments, seminars & much more for those of you who wish to do so. South Queensferry school of Taekwon-Do is part of the United Kingdom TaeKwon -Do Federation (UKTF), and is affiliated to the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation (ITF), which is taught in over 100 countries world wide, where we follow the teachings of the late Founder General Choi Hong Hi 9th degree, who passed away on 15th June 2002.


All Instructors in the UKTF are Discolsure Scotland checked and have first aid training.


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