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6 times World Champion & 15 times European Champion World

Ms Julia Cross started Taekwon-do in January 1986 in Linlithgow at Master Sutherlands Taekwon-do School.


From the very first day she was hooked. She loved everything about this wonderful art and wanted to learn much more.


After 3 years training there she progressed to train at Master Sutherlands Black belt gym in Bathgate, to add to her training.


Master Sutherland has been one of the driving forces behind Julia and all the other competitors from Scotland. For many years. She gained Scotland independence in 1997 as a country in our own right.


We have a lot to thank her for.


Heath Denholm VI Degree has been Julia's coach for many years and has also been with her every step of the way to her achieving World Champion status.

Ms Cross has been training TKD for 30 years under the Inspirational Instruction of Master Sutherland VIII degree, who is the only female VIII degree in the World.

She was an International competitor for over 20 years and has been lucky enough to travel all over the world. To name a few - North Korea, the home of Taekwon-do, Malaysia, Canada, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland plus many more.

Ms Cross achieved 1st degree black belt in 1989. At the time being the youngest female in Britain to do so.


In the following few years she won almost every national title there was to win.

1991 saw Julia travel to Vienna for her fist International competition where at the Junior European championship she picked up a Gold and Bronze medal. This trip was to be a major turning point in her TKD career.


Over the next few years she took several European titles, the first being in Poland in 1994 along with other placings at World & European level. Julia Cross's Competitive career Her specialised disciplines which she excels in are patterns and sparring.


At the World Championships in North Korea in 1992 at the age of 17, Julia picked up a bronze medal in -58kg sparring.


Two years later in the Word Championships in Malaysia she missed out on a medal placing, but all aspects of TKD were improving all the time.


In 1997 at the Worlds Championships in Russia she picked up a Silver medal in 2nd deg patterns, missing out on Gold to North Korea.


In 1999 Julia’s dream of becoming World Champion came true for the first time in Argentina. For -58kg sparring. All the hard work and determination over the years had paid off. She was the first British women to become World Champion.


The next years saw her go on to defend European and world titles all over the world. She always strived to achieve more and was never satisfied. There were always thing to correct and to do better the next time.


She won 2 World titles in 2003 in Poland & 2 World titles in 2005 in Germany. At each competition she received Best Overall female. Being the only female at each competition to gain 2 gold medals. She has also received best overall female at 3 European championships.


She is now the most allocated ITF Taekwon-do individual competitor in the world ever with 6 world titles and 15 European titles. No other person has achieved this individual status. An achievement she is extremely proud off.


She was also inducted into the first ITF hall of fame in Quebec at the world Championships in 2007 for the title of best female competitor and again in 2015 in Italy. These are a great honor.

She is now fortunate to travel across the world teaching seminars and pass on her skills and knowledge to others. 

She has taught in Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA, England & Ireland to name a few.

She also travels to coach her international competitors at many competitions across the globe. 

Ms Cross has attended many Instructors & International Instructors courses over the years and she still attends technical seminars, Instructors & International courses regularly. She has been very privileged to meet General Choi our Grand Master on several occasions. Ms Cross is fully Disclosure Scotland checked.

As are all the Instructors in the UKTF.


Short biography


1986 Started Taekwon-do

1989 Promoted to 1st degree Black belt
1990 Promoted to 2nd degree Black belt
1997 Promoted to 3rd degree Black belt
2007 Promoted to 5th Degree Black belt (Sabum)
2007 Promoted to International Instructor
2011 Promoted to 5th degree Black belt

2015 Promoted to 6th degree Black belt


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