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The benefits of taekwon-do : who is attracted to Taekwon-do?

Many women are afraid of walking alone and feel they need to be fit and be able to defend themselves. Some women have been in the position of being attacked, or in a threatening situation at some stage in their life. This gives them a feeling of low self confidence. At this point they feel they need to change their outlook and they finally do something about it. Some women love the challenge, especially by out performing the men. Tae Kwon-do can give them the chance to become a top class athlete.


The Bullied

Children who are being bullied and who's confidence is low and life miserable. Many parents phone to say their children's life has changed due to participating in Taekwon-do. They begin to feel part of a group who's first rule is to be courteous to each other, stand by one another and never pick on the weak. These children are the ones who usually go on to become true Taekwon-Do Blackbelts, as it gives them importance and a position to feel good about themselves. Bullies never pick on confident children.


With Taekwon-Do, confidence is believing in yourself and having a positive frame of mind. In addition, many parents have said that their children's school performance has improved since starting training. As part of their grading syllabus, children have to learn Korean terminology which is like learning foreign words for hand and foot parts, blocks, punches, kicks and strikes. This starts them off on reading and learning process, which then adopts itself to schoolwork.


The Bullies Parents who are aware of the problem, feel their children need discipline and an interest, have often turned to Taekwon-do for help. Once in class, Taekwon-do projects them into a world of disciplined competition, teaching them to defend the weak instead of abusing them. These children soon quieten down and are fascinated that smaller polite children can do amazing kicks, jump high and learn Korean terminology. In class, the bullied ends up being the teacher to the bullies and turns the tables around. If the bully wishes to learn, then they will have to listen to those they bullied.


Mature Students

TaeKwon-Do offers physical and mental fitness to students who benefit with the fitness programme and the relaxation of healthy exercise. Our syllabus is such that those over 40 years of age, are able and encouraged, with the correct training, to promote to blackbelt.



Deaf and hard of hearing are very good at Taekwon-Do as there is no verbal distraction. TaeKwon-do gives them an equal place beside their contemporaries. Dyslexic students have had international competition success.


Ethnic Minorities

TaeKwon-do was founded by General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002) to bring people of all cultures together. This it most certainly has done. Taekwon-Do is practiced in over 100 countries. The 1994 World Championships had 78 countries competing. Seminars and tournaments are organised to give students the chance to travel and visit other cultures.


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