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Little Dragons, Kids TKD & Youths TKD follow our MERIT BADGE SYSTEM, which works along the same lines as Guide and Scout badges and shows your child visual improvements.

It also allows us monitor the progress of the students and helps them work towards their next grading.


We will hold merit badge night approximately every 6 weeks.


Badges are awarded accordingly for each grade and attached to the belt once the student has completed the small test which is carried out during a normal weekly class. During this test they must perform the techniques or terminology they have worked on to a very good level to achieve their MERIT BADGE.  


There are separate sheets for each full coloured grade. (Please click on text below to go to relevant page and print off the sheet for that Grade)


Little Dragons
10th to 9th Kup - White Belt & Yellow Tag
8th to 7th Kup - Yellow Belt & Green Tag
6th to 5th Kup –Green Belt & Blue Tag
4th to 3rd Kup – Blue Belt & Red Tag


These badges must be followed in order as they all go towards gaining the opportunity to sit the next grading.


The badges are an excellent incentive for the kids and are a very positive system that encourages and rewards constant practice.


The parents also love the recognition their children get when they earn a badge.

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